Stitch Fix!

I heard about Stitch Fix several months ago and filled out an online profile.  I didn’t schedule a shipment as I was a little nervous, but thought about it a few times! Fast forward to the last month or so and I’ve seen numerous Facebook posts from friends who are loving Stitch Fix! So, I scheduled a “fix” and have been anxiously awaiting for its arrival.

If you are not familiar with Stitch Fix, you start by registering and filling out an online style profile.  The profile covers your age, sizes and fashion preferences. You have the option of adding a picture of your self as well as adding a link to your Pinterest account.  Based on your profile,  a stylist will chooses five items (clothes, jewelry, and/or accessories) to send. You pay a $20 styling fee, which covers the cost of the stylist and shipping, and if you keep anything, you apply the $20 toward the cost of the item(s). If you keep all five, you get a 25% discount on the whole box! (You send whatever you don’t want back in a pre-paid envelope.)  You can also earn credits for referring friends. Questions in your profile allow you to  designate a price range for your items. I selected “the cheaper the better” for all categories. I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes for myself. But, I recognize the need for some quality items in my closet as I’m getting older!

I was super excited to see the box on my porch today and was super anxious to try things on! I had to wait about 2-3 weeks for my “fix” to arrive after scheduling, but it did come 2 days earlier then I expected.

  The first thing I opened was this adorable necklace. I loved it and my stylist obviously got my style, because I have one just like it! I decided to return this, because I couldn’t justify buying another one so similar. Price – $28
  Here is a picture of my Silpada chevron necklace next to the one I received in my shipment. If I didn’t already own one, I would have kept it!  Next up was this adorable polka dot Gideon sweater. This sweater fits great and is reversible! I think it’s a great piece for work and I will be keeping it. Price-$68

I was excited to try the Anita pants in burgundy. I had high hopes, but they were just way too long. I also thought the pockets on the back made them a bit more causal then I would like for work. I will be sending these back and hope to find some pants for work I love in my next shipment.  Price – $78.

 I was also super excited when I saw the Riley distressed skinny jeans! These were ankle length and still a little long for me, but great rolled. I loved everything about these jeans, but the rise was a little low for me. I will be sending these back too! Price-$78
  My last piece is this olive colored Rosa blouse.  I loved this top because it fit great and can be dressed up or down very easily. I will be keeping this! Price-$58

The fix also comes with a personalized note from your stylist where different outfits are suggested, along with some styling ideas in pictures.

stitch fix

In the end, I will be keeping the two tops.  Initially, I thought the prices were pretty high, especially after I had indicated “the cheaper the better”! However, when you apply the $20 styling fee and any credits you have, it turns out to be pretty affordable. There is also no shipping fee and I save time not having to go out shopping! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE shopping! But, it’s difficult to find time to shop just for me. In addition, should you ever keep all of the items in your shipment, you receive a 25% discount.

Another piece of this service is filling out feedback on the items you received. You are able to rate on the mobile ap how well you liked the item as far as fit, style, price, etc.  This info will help your stylist for your next fix.

Overall, this was a great exciting experience and I can’t wait for my next “fix”. If you’re curious, I highly recommend giving  Stitch Fix a try!


Pinterest Christmas 2104 Part 2


One of my favorite things to do around Christmas is baking!  Since Jack’s birthday falls on the 20th, we like to bring treats to the NICU Nurses and to some of our favorite doctors to thank them for their excellent care and wish them a Merry Christmas.  I should use the term “baking” loosely, although I did bake some delicious cookies!


These chocolate crinkles with peppermint kisses were pretty easy and so pretty! I did not use the peppermint extract as I thought the peppermint kiss would do enough for the peppermint flavor.

This year, we tried a new spin on chocolate dipped pretzels. This was not an easy project to document, but I did get a few pictures to share! My inspiration came from several Pinterest images. After browsing several blogs and recipes, I came up with my own technique.

First, arrange the pretzels in the shape of a tree. You can also use one pretzel, but I went ahead and used the three to form a tree. These Snyder Dipping Sticks were the perfect size!


To make the “tree” I used Wilton Candy Melts. Other recipes call for white chocolate chips or candy bark.  I did experiment with both candy bark and the Wilton Candy Melts. The Wilton Candy Melts have an easier consistency to work with for these trees. I used green, pink and white for the trees. But, it does get messy, so I don’t have pictures of all of our creations.

After the pretzels are arranged and ready, melt your candy per package directions.  We melted the candy melts in a glass bowl and not the sandwich bag as one blog suggested.  After the melts reached their liquid form, I poured the melts in to a sandwich bag and snipped of a corner. This part is tricky, you don’t want the edge snipped too small or too big! It takes some practice.


Once the edge is snipped off, you can form you tree by squeezing the melts out of the bag. I started at the bottom, but you can start at the top too. After you have the icing placed, the fun part comes. There are so many pretty sprinkles, that can serve as ornaments.  I may have bought just a few too many to choose from!


These trees were so fun and I know they will be on the list for next year. Thanks to all who made joined in our Pinterest Christmas 2014.  I am glad I participated and will hopefully be back for more in 2015!

Don’t forget to check out the other projects this year from #PinterestChristmas2014 from these awesome hosts!

Merry Christmas!

Jack’s Pack Update-Info For Saturday

It’s almost here! Thanks so much to all have donated or signed up to walk with us. A few things for Saturday:

  • Registration begins at 8. From past experience, you don’t need to be there at 8.
  • We will be taking a team photo at 8:45, so please be there by then. The pictures will be taken outside the coliseum.
  •  At 9:15, they will begin announcements and thank yous and then Henry and I will speak.
  • The walk will begin around 9:30. 

We are hoping for NO rain. It might be a bit chilly as we start, so dress warm! But, don’t forget your Jack’s Pack shirt!

Looking forward to seeing you all! 

Also, it’s not too late to sign up or donate! Click Here!

P.S. If you’re in Lafayette, tune in to WAZY 96.5 tomorrow morning from 7-8. I’ll be making my radio debut! Which means, I should get to bed, NOW! 


Jacks Pack Update

It was a busy March in the Pena House and I know April will be even more exciting! Jack had 3 different Riley appointments during March, more on that later! With April, we begin T-Ball, continue with swimming lessons and of course we are looking forward to April 27 and the March for Babies! Now, for the team updates.

T-shirt orders have been placed and will hopefully be delivered in the next two weeks. We sold over 170 shirts. Wow! Thanks for all of your support!

Our team has raised over $1200 online! Thank you to all who have made generous donations!

Our Spirit Night at Chik Fil A was a success! We don’t know how much we raised, but the crowd stayed fairly steady. I regret not taking any pictures, but it was a busy night. It was also the first time I let Jack play in the play area, that was stressful enough!

I received an exciting email from my hairstylist this week. I’m sure you are wondering where this is going! Oliva, has been doing my hair for over ten years. I’ve followed her to different salons and I do not even want to think about what would happen if one of us moved or she stopped doing hair. Anyhow, Oliva also teaches at Christina and Company Education Center. Each year the students put on fashion show and donate the proceeds to charity. This year they have chosen to donate to Jack’s Pack for the March of Dimes. The event is Monday at 6pm at the Education Center on Meijer Drive if anyone is interested in attending.

Remember the walk is April 27, only 22 days away!  It begins at 9am at the fairgrounds. We are hoping for great weather and would love for you to join us. To walk with us or make a donation, please click on the link below.

Jack’s Pack Weekly Update

Happy Wednesday! There are 59 days until the walk!  We have our final design and we are ready to start placing orders for Jack’s Pack shirts.

jacks back shirts


The price for shirts this year is $12. 50% of sales go directly to the March of Dimes!  Sizes available include:
Youth XS-XL and Adult S-3XL

To order a shirt, please email me at or Maggi at

If you do not live in the Lafayette or Alexandria/Frankton area, we will be able to ship your order.

We would like your payment at the time of order. You can either send your payment in the mail  or pay via PayPal. I’m working on a button that will be on the blog. Until then, you can go to PayPal and my account is

Don’t forget to sign up for the walk too! You can do that here. Even if you can’t make the walk, you can join our team and help with fundraising!

 A BIG THANKS to Sue Scott for registering after last week’s post!

We need you, Jack’s Pack!

Attention Jacks’s Pack: The walk is just 65 days away!  I plan to update each week with how we are doing and hopefully will recruit more of you to join along the way! I do have a few updates to share:

Shirts– 2013 Jack’s Pack shirts are in the design phase. We know we will stick with the same logo, but will have a new look for this year. A very nice man who works with Maggi is helping us again this year. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with. We will let you know as soon as ordering begins. Last year shirts were our biggest fundraiser and we hope to do the same this year!

Chik Fil A (or Chik La Fe, as Kendrick calls it)- Mark your calendars now for April 1. Don’t be a fool and come eat some chicken with Jack’s Pack! On April 1st from 5-8pm we will be hosting a spirit night at the Lafayette Chik Fil A. All you have to do is come, eat, and drop your receipt in our box. A portion of the sales will go to our team! 

What else can you do?– Sign up now to walk with us on April 27 by clicking here. Ask your friends and family to join us and donate. Ask your employer if they match donations. Let us know if you have any fundraising ideas!

Remember, Jack is the ambassador this year for the Lafayette walk and it’s the 75th anniversary of the March of Dimes. It means so much to our family to give to this great organization. Because of the March of Dimes and their research and developments of care in the NICU we have Jack.

One last piece of news…. Mr. Jack was discharge from physical therapy today! Wooo Hooo! I can’t wait to see him walk on April 27th! We hope you will join us!


Here is Jack crawling after the walk last year!

Jack’s Pack!

It’s that time of year again! Mark your calendars, the Lafayette March for Babies will be Saturday, April 27.

This year is special for a couple of reasons. Number one, this is the 75Th anniversary for the March of Dimes. 75 years!  This adds up to 75 years of research, education, vaccines, and numerous benefits to every baby born.


Number two, Mr. Jack himself is one of the ambassadors for the walk. You  might remember that Jack was also an ambassador for the Signature Chef’s Auction last year. We made a video that will also be used for the walk. If you haven’t seen it, please check it out here. Jack’s picture and story is also on the walker envelopes.

jack birth day

In honor of 75 years for the March of Dimes and of course, Jack…. WE NEED YOU!

We need you to register and walk with our team. We need you to please donate and help give every baby a healthy start to life. Last year, Jack’s Pack raised over $4.000 and won awards for the top family team and top new team. We want to exceed that this year! Every little bit helps and remember, your donation is tax-deductible.

We will be selling Jack’s Pack shirts again this year and we will communicate when you can begin to order.

But, for now please register and join our team! You can do so by clicking on this link:

We are working on some other fundraising ideas including a Spirit Night at Chick Fil A. If you have any great ideas, please let us know.

Thank You,

Henry, Abbi, KP & Jack