What a difference 2 years makes! ImageImageImage

I am not sure where to begin! Jack had his 2 year old well visit on Tuesday. At this appointment he weighed in at 19lb 12oz. I am not confident we got a good length, but he was right around 30 inches.

His pediatrician is so laid back and so happy with his progress, but he is still not even on the adjusted preemie growth chart for height or weight. He is gaining slowly and steadily. However, it looks like a visit to an endocrinologist is in our future due to the lack of catch up growth.

Friday, we see the developmental pediatrician at Riley. Jack has made soooo much progress in the eating category. He will try most foods and has some really good days of eating. However, we are still working on the amount of food he is eating. Though his weight gain hasn’t been what we wanted, his chewing abilities and sensory issues have improved so much. I am anxious to see what the team at Riley will say Friday.

Since learning to walk 3 months ago, Jack is running and almost jumping. He loves to kick as throw his football and almost do a cartwheel (don’t ask). Because he is doing so well, he has gone from weekly physical therapy to just once a month! We are working on stairs, which are difficult due to Jack’s size.

Jack is talking more and more each day. He is also putting more and more words together. I was telling him the other day I could not believe he was going to be 2. He looked at me and said “Ellie is 2!” Ellie is is best pal at school. I ask him every day, how was school? What did you do at school? His response “Ellie!” He loves to play with the iPad. He knows how to get from app to app and even how to start up Netflix. He really enjoys the Fresh Beat Band! It amazes me how quickly kids can pick up technology.

The winter storm advisory seems fitting today. The night Jack was born, we had a terrible snow. It took YaYa several hours to get Maggi from the airport to Lafayette. I remember watching the snow from my hospital room. So, today’s stormy weather is not a shock. The kid likes attention!

Happy Birthday Jack. You are one amazing boy!



21 Months!

Jack turned 21 months on Thursday. It was a BIG day in a number of ways. We started the day extra early with a trip to the Riley Developmental Clinic. We spent over 3 hours with a doctor, speech therapist and dietitian. We had been seeing a feeding team here, but something just told me we could be doing more and he needed more help. So, I called our pediatrician’s office and we talked about Riley’s clinic and also a clinic at St. Mary’s in Evansville. The Riley clinic called back a few days later and the soonest they could see Jack was November 15. I went ahead and scheduled the appointment, but also was placed on a cancellation list. A few days later, last Tuesday to be exact, my phone rang and it was the developmental clinic saying they had an appointment available Thursday. Of course we took the opportunity and plans came right together. A colleague was able to cover my clinical, Henry took the day off and we arranged for Kendrick to be dropped off early at school.

We started off meeting with the developmental pediatrician and a dietitian. We spent over 1 1/2 hours talking about Jack’s current eating and how to start his new plan. His 21 month stats were not too bad. He gained quite a bit of weight in the last month. He weighed 18 lbs 12 oz and was 29.5 inches tall. His weight for length fell in the 10th percentile. The pediatrician wanted this more in the range of the 25th. After we met with the pediatrician and dietitian, we headed across the hospital and down to the basement to see the speech therapist. She actually watched Jack eat and we spent another hour or so with her. We learned so much and have a lot of work to do with Jack. I think our key take away points include the following:

  • Jack has aversions to food due to his history of severe reflux. Feeding has not always been a pleasant experience for him.
  • Jack also has some sensory issues when it comes to food, but he has made great strides in this area.
  • Jack has weak oral motor skills. He cannot chew food effectively. This is why he often spits food out, he can’t chew it well enough to swallow.
  • Jack is at a high risk for aspiration. We may do a swallow study in the near future.

Our new plan is pretty detailed. Jack has 5 meals a day. At each meal he is offered 3 foods and high calorie milk. If Jack doesn’t drink all of his milk, we make up for the amount in a bottle. We also have a lot of new recipes for increasing calories. We have a whole stack of papers with tips and tricks. Consistency is the key and we have to keep Jack on schedule. This means starting our day with breakfast at 6:30. We also know Jack has the tendency to be an attention seeker, so we must ignore his bad behaviors. This includes when Jack put pudding in his hair, like he did during the appointment. At one point, the speech therapist said “he is just too smart, that’s the problem!” They also said that it takes a normal child 10-20 times or more to accept a new food. For Jack, they said this is more like 50-100. WOW! If this doesn’t teach me a lesson in patience, I’m not sure what will!

The developmental pediatrician also looked at Jack’s development as a whole. She was pleased at his social skills and speech. She was concerned about him not walking and said very matter of factually that he was severely delayed gross motor wise. Jack has a sacral dimple which can be a sign of spina bifida. When he was a few months old, we had an ultrasound that appeared to be normal. However, the pediatrician wanted to take a closer look at the ultrasound since he was not walking. We obviously were somewhat concerned with this news, but I knew he was so close to walking, I didn’t panic too much.

After our appointment, we met with my friend, Emily, for a few minutes in the lobby. Emily is the director of the March of Dimes in Lafayette and I have gotten to know her over the last year. Emily and her husband, Jeff, have three children, Lauren, Ella and Anders. Anders is 11 months old and is currently in the PICU at Riley. In my last post, I asked Jack’s Pack to please keep a special baby boy in your prayers. This special little boy is Anders. Since May, he has undergone testing for hypotonia. In the last month he has had several respiratory complications which has landed him in the PICU. With the testing that has been done, they believe Anders is suffering from a muscle and or mitochondrial disease that is effecting his muscles including his ability to breathe. This is not the news his family or anyone wanted to hear. You can learn more about Anders and keep up with updates at Please keep Anders and his family in your prayers. If you are interested in helping in anyway, family is collecting gift cards for gas and food. They are also asking kids to send artwork to decorate Ander’s hospital room. I will happily help get these items to the family if you want to help!

I was feeling pretty emotional after visiting with Emily and our long day of appointments, but we headed home for Jack to have another hour of therapy. Jack usually has PT on Friday afternoons, but this week we switched to Thursday because it was Sarah’s (PT) birthday. I wasn’t sure how things would go, Jack was exhausted and only napped in the car. Sarah walked in the door and Jack was excited to see her. He pointed over to his car in the corner, so Sarah said “Well Jack, get up and walk to your car!” I was barely paying attention, but looked up just in time to see Jack walking to his car. He literally stood up from the middle of the floor and walked. I was speechless! His walking continued down the hall, to the kitchen, all around the house. It was like Jack knew how to do this all along. Whatever it was, we were ecstatic!

There was some other significance to the day. On September 20, 2010 we went to our 19 week ultrasound to find we lost Baby B. We were also told that things did not look good for Baby A and it was likely a chromosomal issue. So, for Jack to decide to walk on this day seemed like more than a coincidence!

This post has ended up much longer than I planned and I have piles of laundry to put away, so I will leave you with some pictures! Have a great week!

Looking at the fish! His favorite part about Riley!