Blog? What Blog?

I apologize for the blogging hiatus! I think I forgot I even had a blog!. Okay, maybe not. I thought when I finished school I would have ample time to update our blog, but apparently that has not been the case.

Here are the Peña Family highlights since April 10.

-April 28 was Lafayette March for Babies. It was a cold, wet and rainy day. But we had a great turnout of family and friends and celebrated with a great party after!

-May 5 I graduated from Ball Sate with my MSN!  It’s been a crazy last two years and I’m ecstatic to have a break from school!

-May 19 I took a trip to Pittsburgh with my good friends Andrea and Tonya to visit Maggi. We had a great time and I enjoyed a relaxing and fun weekend!

-Kendrick has been playing T-Ball in a local league. It has been so fun to watch him and his teammates play. He only has four more games! The season flew by so quickly!

We have also taken a trip to the Indianapolis Zoo, spend many hours playing outside, and purchased new bikes! And… It’s only June! We are looking forward to a fun summer!

We hope you are enjoying summer too!


We’re still here!

I hoped to post a weekend in review post like Kendra and Misha, but our weekend was not so fun or exciting. The stomach flu made it’s rounds through the Peña home. I starting getting sick late Thursday night. Jack started on Friday, Kendrick on Sunday and Henry is in bed now not feeling so well. So, if I did post any pictures it might be of puke buckets, loads of laundry and Lysol. Unfortunately, I did not have time to snap any of those pics and you’re probably glad! Luckily, the bug didn’t last too long although it was a little different for each of us. I’ll spare you all the details, but things are looking up. We are just hoping Henry feels better in the morning!

I did want to give an update on Jack. Things were going great before this bug. We were running his feeding pump for around 12 hours each night and he was taking bottles fairly well during the day. He also started back at daycare last week and that was another adjustment. However, with the stomach bug we stopped bottles for a bit and were running Pedialyte through his feeding tube.  It has been a slow process getting him back to tolerating his normal rate on the feeding pump, but we are pretty much there tonight. He also finally took a whole bottle this evening. Hopefully we will continue to progress this week. Once Jack is tolerating bottles well through the day again, we will be able to increase the amount of formula in each  bottle and decrease his time on the pump. I feel very inpatient sometimes and wish we could move more quickly. But, I have to remind myself it’s only been a little over a month since the tube was placed. We have made excellent progress to this point. I stay in close contact with Dr. Engum’s nurse and they also agree things are going very well. Jack will go back to see Dr. Engum in February and at that point we will switch his G-J tube to just a G-tube. Even when he is tolerating bottles and off the pump, the g-tube will stay in a few months just to be safe. Adding to all the fun are some new teeth coming in. Jack has his bottom two teeth, and his top right tooth has popped through and now the top left is also coming in. I know this also leads to some of his feeding issues. Kendrick was such a happy baby, we never knew when he was teething. Jack is a different story for sure! This picture is not the best quality, but it does show off his new teeth!

That’s all for now! I’m still working on Jack’s month by month growth post. The weekend of sickness has set us back. Today also marked the start of a new semester. I am entering my final semester in my master’s program. During this semester I am completing my practicum at Purdue School of Nursing. This means I am teaching at both St E and Purdue which makes for a busy semester. Henry is also taking an online course this semester. So, maybe by May we will be able to accomplish the post!