Pinterest Christmas 2014


It’s that time of year again! Maybe I’ll be come a regular blogger again? Don’t hold your breath…

But, really…. I am so excited to be co-hosting the third annual Pinterest Christmas blog series happening in December! Each week the hosts will be sharing Pinterest-inspired projects related to the holiday season. The projects could be anything from decorations and crafts to traditions and recipes. Each of us will be sharing our projects in the weeks leading up to Christmas. We would love for you to join in on the fun. Plan your projects, post them, link back to one of our posts, and leave us a comment! Not a blogger? No problem, we’d love to see your projects on Instagram! Use the hashtag #PinterestChristmas2014

The hosts:

[Emerald City Diaries | Greg & Maggi |  The Gilbertson Family | This Grey House | Without A Doubt]

I have already completed a few projects. However, it’s safe to say I have done a less than stellar job documenting them! My favorite so far comes from several ideas I’ve seen on Pinterest. I had quite a bit of pallet wood left from a big summer patio project, so I wanted to attempt a wooden sign for the front porch. I looked over several tutorials on Pinterest, but ended up  just doing my own thing! Many of the posts had instructions on distressing the wood such as this one, but my old pallets were already pretty distressed.

We worked on this while Kendrick was home recovering from a tonsillectomy, so he actually painted a few of the signs (I plan on giving a few as gifts). He was a great help and had fun. Since the goal is for the sign to look rustic, it doesn’t have to be perfect. So, yes your kids can help! We bought some large stencils at Hobby Lobby and then placed them on the pallets (already broken down by Henry).


After we placed the stencils, we painted the letters using acrylic paint and a sponge brush.  After drying for a few minutes, we removed the stencils and voila!


I decided it looked a little plain, so we bought some wooden snowflakes at Michael’s and added those to the signs using tacky glue.  Looking back, I think the plain signs look just as nice! Adding embellishments is completely optional.

I am happy the way this project turned out and love the sign on my front porch (just ignore the cords).


Stay tuned, hopefully I’ll share some additional projects I’ve worked on this season!


Pinterest Christmas Wrapup

While I might not have blogged as much as I would have liked to, I did successfully complete several Pinterest projects during the last month.

pinterest christmas

If you missed my first post, it can be found here.  One of my favorite DIY gifts I made this year were the Anthropologie Inspired Snow Globes. I pinned these and knew they would make great gifts. In late November, I found several of the small village Christmas trees at the Dollar Tree. I totally wish I would have bought more. The Dollar Tree had a nice selection of different looking trees.  When I ran out of trees, I found this pack at Joann Fabric.

20121231-133839.jpgThe rest of the supplies include various sized ball jars, hot glue, Epsom salt, and I decided to add some sparkle with glitter. First, I mixed the Epsom salt and glitter and got it ready for my jars.


The glitter is optional, but I think it adds a nice touch.  After I mixed it together, the glitter and salt is poured into the jars. You can add as little or as much of the mix as you would like. I added more than the original pin, but was careful not to cover up too much of the tree. Then the actual tree is glued to the bottom of the lid. I used both hot glue and super glue. I think the super glue worked better.

20121231-133814.jpgAfter the glue has set for a few minutes, the lid can be screwed on and that’s it!

20121231-133756.jpgThese turned out as great gifts for cousins, aunts, and some of Jack’s therapists. I  kept a few for around the house too. I really liked using different jars and different looking trees!

Here are some of my other favorite projects from this month.  While I don’t have the play by play, I will share the links and photos.

My friend Andrea and I created some different variations of these JOY wreaths from I {heart} Nap Time.  By the way, thank goodness for nap-time, It’s allowing me to share these projects!


I also made these Iced Branches. The branches turned out to be a pretty BIG mess, but they do look pretty!20121231-142231.jpg

Lastly, these DIY Glitter Trees, again from I {heart} Nap Time.  Again, these were messy and I was constantly wiping glitter from the table. But, they are very festive. The sign I found at Hobby Lobby and I think the trees complimented it well.

20121231-142301.jpgSo, that’s a wrap! Like Maggi said, I hope to start earlier in the year and take more photos so I can better document the process.

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Happy New Year! Hope you enjoy the last day of 2012!!