We need you, Jack’s Pack!

Attention Jacks’s Pack: The walk is just 65 days away!  I plan to update each week with how we are doing and hopefully will recruit more of you to join along the way! I do have a few updates to share:

Shirts– 2013 Jack’s Pack shirts are in the design phase. We know we will stick with the same logo, but will have a new look for this year. A very nice man who works with Maggi is helping us again this year. We can’t wait to see what he comes up with. We will let you know as soon as ordering begins. Last year shirts were our biggest fundraiser and we hope to do the same this year!

Chik Fil A (or Chik La Fe, as Kendrick calls it)- Mark your calendars now for April 1. Don’t be a fool and come eat some chicken with Jack’s Pack! On April 1st from 5-8pm we will be hosting a spirit night at the Lafayette Chik Fil A. All you have to do is come, eat, and drop your receipt in our box. A portion of the sales will go to our team! 

What else can you do?– Sign up now to walk with us on April 27 by clicking here. Ask your friends and family to join us and donate. Ask your employer if they match donations. Let us know if you have any fundraising ideas!

Remember, Jack is the ambassador this year for the Lafayette walk and it’s the 75th anniversary of the March of Dimes. It means so much to our family to give to this great organization. Because of the March of Dimes and their research and developments of care in the NICU we have Jack.

One last piece of news…. Mr. Jack was discharge from physical therapy today! Wooo Hooo! I can’t wait to see him walk on April 27th! We hope you will join us!


Here is Jack crawling after the walk last year!


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