Team Tuesday and An Eventful Easter

It’s Team Tuesday and there are only 18 days until the March for Babies Walk! We are getting very excited. Yesterday, our shirts came in.  They turned out amazing, and we are pretty sure Jack approves! A big thank you to John Zarse at Underground Printing for helping with the shirts!

Last week our team was in the top ten teams in the state! If we remain in the top ten, we win a free trip to Florida for the March of Dimes National Volunteer Leadership Conference. The conference is in Orlando in October. How awesome would that be? Speaking of Orlando, my cousin Kendra, will be walking in the Central Florida March for Babies for Jack’s Pack! So, thank you Greg, Kendra and Kenley for your support in Florida!

Remember, it’s not too late to join or donate! You can do so here

Holidays always seem to be eventful for our family! We made the trip to Frankton for the Easter weekend. We forgot our nice camera, so unfortunately there are not many nice pictures. They boys loved being outside and playing with Pappy and YaYa! They also got to play with cousins Sami and Karmyn! Can you believe there are only 6 months between these two?

Sunday was eventful. We woke up early and got ready for church after checking out what the Easter Bunny left. When we got home, Kendrick was playing in the hot tub with Pappy. He wanted to try out his new swim shirt and swim shorts the Easter Bunny left. I was called outside to find blood dripping from his chin. Kendrick was calm, in fact he didn’t even cry until I told him we were going to have to go see a doctor! He said “I just did too big of a cannon ball and I bumped my chin!” So, we headed to urgent care where they were able to glue the cut, which was much easier than stitches for all involved!

He was a very brave boy and is not liking that mom said he had to take it easy this week with the glued chin and all!

Jack has an appointment with the feeding team tomorrow. We have not used his G Tube for almost a month! He is eating like a champ! We will have to wait until June to have the tube removed.  The surgeon’s policy is to leave it in for 3 months after he is taking everything orally. Our next step will be to transition to more solids and get him switched to pediasure instead of formula. Keep us in your thoughts as we make this transition, as our initial attempts with pediasure have not gone so well.

Have a great rest of the week!